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The Most Attractive Occupations, If Salary Didn’t Matter

Even if an occupation doesn't come with a high salary, some people still find that job to be appealing. People are discussing this topic on Reddit: what are the most most attractive professions, if salary isn’t a factor? And many of these answers put some things into perspective. When Zippia, an online recruitment and career service company, surveyed 1,000 people, they found out what jobs people think are the “hottest.” The survey revealed that women said the most attractive job was “doctor,” while men preferred “nurse.” According to women respondents, the 25 most attractive jobs pay an average of $74,154. Meanwhile, the 25 most attractive jobs, according to male respondents, pay an average of $56,129. The list also found the least attractive jobs for men and women. They share some similarities. The least attractive jobs women and men find include fast food workers, janitors, and truck drivers. Overall, those surveyed associated the most attractive job with dollar signs. If salary wasn't a factor, what would be the most attractive profession? Redditors chimed in on a thread with the occupations they find to be the most attractive. Someone kicked off the thread with “traveling food critic.” Several people on the thread agreed that it an attractive occupation. It’s worth mentioning that a traveling food critic could possibly have a nice size salary, but not everyone can be on the same level as Andrew Zimmern or the late Anthony Bourdain. One person said a pro bono veterinarian who would “Treat animals that would otherwise go untreated.” Another Redditor replied to this comment saying, “My wife is a veterinarian. She would love to do wildlife rehab. It pays nothing and she's got lots of student loans to pay off, but she talks about it longingly.” Interestingly, someone put working at a comic shop. If you’re into collecting comics or maybe just a fan, this could very easily be a rewarding gig. Apparently, if you want to be “the closest thing to a superhero,” then the most attractive job would be search and rescue. One person did debunk this as being the “most attractive.” They said, “Being able to rescue someone without any serious injuries feels pretty heroic, but responding to someone with life-altering injuries or a body recovery isn't great for the brain after a while...” Other jobs people mentioned include forest ranger, freelance musician, teacher, pizza delivery, librarian, and others.

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