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3 Gestures That Seem Nice But Actually Annoy Everyone

Having good manners and being polite are seen as nice gestures around the world, and many of us try to maintain a good deposition around others, especially in professional settings. I was surprised to learn that some of these seemingly kind acts can be considered annoying, and you may be just as shocked! 1. Insisting on Paying For Meals When you insist on paying for someone else's meal, it can make the other party feel uncomfortable. Not only does it create a power shift in the dynamics, but it also makes the other person feel obligated to pay for the next meal that you two share together. It is much better to mutually agree on who pays for the meal. 2. Holding The Door When Someone Is Far Away I am so guilty of this one, I think that I'm being considerate when I hold the door for a stranger headed my way. What I failed to consider is that while well meaning, the person may feel obligated to hurry or rush since I'm standing there waiting for them to grab the door. It can certainly make the interaction uncomfortable for both parties.  Although a kind gesture, we shouldn't place this expectation on others and hold the door when it makes the most sense. 3. Giving Unsolicited Advice I have gotten so much better at this one! I thought that giving my friends advice was what friends do. Although friends absolutely lean on each other for comfort and advice. It's important to know when it is the most appropriate time, this is usually when you are asked to. We care deeply for our friends and family and genuinely want the best for them, but this can come off as overstepping, judgmental and can send the message of superiority to that individual and this can actually be annoying for the person receiving the advice. While it is almost human nature to be helpful when we can, we have to keep in mind the message that we are wanting to send out. Fo the full list of helpful but annoying gestures, check it out here.

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