Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are probably exempt from this study.

Let me take you back to my college days and to one of the saddest statements I ever heard. It was probably around this time of the year and out of nowhere, a friend and his longtime girlfriend broke up. It shocked everyone. Later on, a group of young guys, me and my friend included, were talking when someone asked, “why did you guys break up?” His answer: so I don’t have to buy her gift for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. No one laughed. We could not believe what he just said. To this day, I consider that to be one of the coldest statements ever.

With Christmas, Valentine’s Day and a new year on the way, HerNorm.com just released a unique study. HerNorm.com experts took Google breakup data from the calendar years 2021 and 2022. If you Googled keywords like “how to break up,” your data could have been used in the study.

Check out the alphabetized list below to see the date range your relationship might end.

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