The most confrontational driving in the country comes from quite a surprising state.

When it comes to confrontational driving and drivers, which state do you think of first?

You likely thought about New York, with all the honking and middle fingers. Or maybe you thought about California, with all the miles and miles of highway driving in Los Angeles.

Well, you’d be so very wrong on both of those. It turns out, that according to a recent study by Forbes, UTAH has the most confrontational drivers in the country. That’s right, the friendly Beehive State isn’t all that friendly on the roadways.

“Utahns were the most likely in the nation (76%) to report that another driver in their home state has honked at them in frustration,” Forbes said in its report. More than half (58%) of survey respondents in Utah said they have been on the receiving end of a rude or offensive gesture while driving.”

To come up with its findings, Forbes used things like offensive hand gestures, blowing your horn at other drivers, yelling and even forcing another car off of the road. They surveyed about 5,000 U.S. drivers to come up with the findings.

“With nearly a quarter (22%) of respondents witnessing an accident caused by confrontational driving, it’s worth noting that aggressive driving can exact more than a mental toll. A Forbes Advisor analysis found the national average car insurance rate increase is 45% after an accident with property damage, and 47% for causing an accident that results in injuries.”

What about us here in North Carolina? Well, according to Forbes, our drivers are pretty laid back. North Carolina came in at No. 37 on the list.

So, let’s take a look at the 10 worst states in the country for confrontational driving. Oh, and just for reference, California was a comfortable 23 on the list. And New York, well, it was one of the BEST in the country, coming in at No. 46.

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