Sure, s'mores are great. But what else can you do around a campfire?

When the weather gets nice, it’s time to start thinking about easy campfire treats.

Did somebody say s’mores? Camping season is upon us! It’s time to start rounding up your bug spray, tents, flashlights and ghost stories to tell around the fire. Typically, campers start planning trips as soon as there is even a hint of warm weather and adventure kicks off around late spring, usually in May.

According to there are several factors that define when we hit the grand wildness for camping adventures:

  • Weather Conditions: A prime determinant, as warmer temperatures and stable weather patterns provide an ideal setting for camping.
  • Regional Climate: Different regions experience seasonal changes at varying times, affecting the camping timelines.
  • Park and Campsite Openings: The availability of parks and designated camping grounds, which often coincide with favorable weather, marks the official start for many campers.
  • School Holidays: The alignment of school breaks with warmer months can often dictate family camping trips.

While the call of the wild remains constant, the inception of the camping season adapts to these factors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Easy Campfire Treats Anywhere

Now, you really don’t have to get all fancy with your easy campfire treats to have a good time. Yard camping is a favorite option for families especially those with small children. Pitch a tent in the yard, start a bonfire, and embrace the controlled wild.

Campfire cooking is a highlight of the whole camping experience since it’s special event-type cuisine that you only get to enjoy under these circumstances, like Thanksgiving dinner or your cousin’s bar mitzvah. We all know roasting hot dogs, marshmallows and making s’mores are camp cooking staples but I think it’s time to get a little extra creative this summer.

I’ve gathered some of the most mouthwatering recipes for easy campfire treats to try on your next wilderness adventure, let me know which one’s your favorite!

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