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The Best Time To Book Cheap International Flights

Planning an upcoming trip is exciting, but knowing you got the best deal possible? Even better. The 2024 International Airfare Study that just came out from Cheap can help, as it reveals when you can score cheap international flights! They analyzed more than 917 million airfares around the world in 10 global regions to determine the peak and off-peak months for travel costs, the best time to find budget-friendly flights, and the most wallet-friendly travel days. According to these travel experts, the key to getting the cheapest international flights is to plan ahead and buy during the “Prime Booking Window.” The cost of tickets changes often, but they say it’s very unlikely to go down once you’re within 21 days of the departure. When To Score Cheap International Flights The best time to book international flights for various regions has changed a lot since 2023. Last year, booking a flight to Europe 45 days in advance would usually get the lowest fare, but now, to get the best price, you need to book 10 and a half months (320 days) in advance. But in some places, like the Caribbean, Asia, South America, and Canada, the opposite is true and you save by booking closer to departure. Travelers heading to the Caribbean can now get low fares just 29 days before departure, a lot less than the 56 days you needed to get the cheapest flight in 2023. To get the lowest price on flights to Asia, you needed to buy 144 days ahead in 2023, that’s gone down to 71 days in 2024. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to book budget-friendly flights from the U.S. Overall, February tends to be the most cost-effective month for international travel, while July usually comes with a higher price tag. Check out the full report here to see when are the best times to book flights to great places like Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  

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