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Two Cumberland County High Schools Among Top 85 in North Carolina

Graduation is upon us and it's time to see where Cumberland County high schools ranked among the best in North Carolina. US News and World Report has issued their annual listing of the Best High Schools around the country, including in the state of North Carolina. The numbers will show if students are prepared to graduate high school and either pursue a college degree or enter the work force. Some of the factors in the study include college readiness, scores that students must have in order to graduate and an assessment of performance. We both can agree that high school is a very important time for learning. Fact is, what we learn from kindergarten through grade 12, often lays the foundation for what type of college studies we seek and ultimately what we choose as a career. Cumberland County High Schools Massey Hill Classical School had the biggest jump since the last time we looked at these rankings in 2022. It jumped from 85th in the state to 59th. The area's newest school, the Virtual Academy did manage to get on the rankings list this year. So, which schools are the best of the best in Cumberland County and in North Carolina? Read on for the full list.

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