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NCDOT Helps Military Spouses Find Employment With New Partnership

If you are among the large group of military spouses seeking gainful employment in North Carolina, a whole world has now become available to you. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has entered a partnership with the Department of Defense to develop new career opportunities for military families. NCDOT is now a member of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, which will help to provide valuable resources for military spouses looking to work within the organization. NCDOT's Human Resources director Amanda Olive expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership in a recent news release. "We’re excited to enter this partnership to help connect military families to good careers and to continue to develop our workforce," said Olive. In addition to providing connections and materials to help NCDOT recruit and retain military spouses, the partnership also gives NCDOT’s Human Resources staff access to the online portal to source resumes from prospective candidates. This partnership seems to be the latest development in NCDOT's ongoing efforts to help our military men and women in North Carolina. A few months ago a study revealed that 7% of the department's entire full-time staff had varying levels of prior military experience. Click here to find out more about NCDOT's job opportunities for military members transitioning to civilian life. These programs are invaluable for military members and their partners to easily transition into a steady and reliable work schedule. You can visit the North Carolina Department of Transportation's website and take a look at the many job opportunities that they have available. And for added bonus, a state law allows the department to give special preference to eligible veterans.

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