Fall Out Boy Brings the Heat To Raleigh During ‘So Much For (2our) Dust’ Tour Stop

It wasn't more than we bargained for, but Fall Out Boy made the most of a fiery (literally) tour stop Tuesday night at PNC Arena in Raleigh. A packed PNC Arena was full of elder emos and new-generation punks-in-training, as Fall Out Boy wowed fans with a show that leaned heavily into the hits that made the band a household name over the years. Patrick Stump - the band's longtime lead singer and rhythm guitar player - sounded just as good as always, but just in case, the band brought plenty of pyrotechnics to help distract. Bassist Pete Wentz had a flame thrower equipped to the end of his bass guitar, and every flame shot out got the crowd fully engaged with cheers. Fall Out Boy played a multitude of songs from the albums they’ve created over the years (decades). Their most recently released album from 2023 - "So Much (for) Stardust," had songs in the set, including the latest single from this album, "Love from the Other Side," along with "Hold Me Like a Grudge." And of course, a Fall Out Boy show wouldn't be complete without some of their most well-known songs including, "Sugar, We're Going Down," "Dance, Dance," and, "This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race." "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)," included a pyrotechnic show that took advantage of the setup and obvious lyrical flame-bursts. Instead of an encore, the band asked the crowd if it was okay to stay on stage and play a few more songs before the night ended. The show ended with "THNKS FR TH MMRS," "Centuries," and "Saturday." The band’s stage featured a giant dog head that sang along to many songs which was later replaced by what seemed to be a troll hiding under some tree roots. Later in their set, Wentz successfully completed a magic trick by disappearing from the stage and reappearing on a rising podium in the middle of the crowd. At one point, Stump turned the audience's attention to a magic 8 ball that determined the next song to be played. Among the elaborate firework show, magic tricks, and props, Stump showcased his vocals and what he considered to be some not-so-great piano playing. Surely, fans would disagree on the latter. Wentz shared his existential crisis thoughts with the crowd, explaining that he had a thought that one day it will be the last time he walks into a room and asked himself what does he have to leave behind. A legacy of sorts. He encouraged his fans that what they do matters and to keep on doing what they love. Remember him for centuries, indeed. Opening Acts for Fall Out Boy in Raleigh Opening for Fall Out Boy were the bands Games We Play, Hot Mulligan, and Jimmy Eat World. With the energy in the crowd, every band seemed like they were having the time of their lives on tour. Many of the band members commented throughout the night their shock at the amount of fans that filled PNC Arena. Jimmy Eat World, a band that formed when the members were in high school together, released their 10th studio album back in 2019. The band thanked their fans for supporting them over the past three decades. They ended their night with their signature song, "The Middle." The "So Much for (2our) Dust" tour continues with a sold-out show Thursday at Madison Square Garden.