The United Way is looking for volunteers for the Day of Caring, set for Friday, May 13 in Fayetteville.

If you’re looking to get out and help the community, volunteers are needed for the United Way Day of Caring in Fayetteville.

The Day of Caring, an annual event designed to help make a big impact all at once, is scheduled for May 13, 2022. There are lots of different ways to help, and you can sign up to volunteer here. We’ve listed out some of the options below.

“Day of Caring brings together thousands of volunteers, just like you, to roll up their sleeves and improve our community one project at a time! During the Day of Caring, the United Way connects volunteers with dozens of nonprofits for a day of hard work, laughter, and making a change in our community. Day of Caring is the great team-building opportunity for families, coworkers, teens, and clubs. It’s also a great way for individuals to deepen their understanding of local human service needs, find a cause they care about, and get to work making a difference!”

If you have additional questions contact Crystal Williams at 483-1179 Ext. 229.

Here’s some of the opportunities to volunteer for the United Way in Fayetteville:

  • American Red Cross

    Sound the Alarm (6-10 volunteers needed) 

    Installing smoke alarms and sharing fire safety information. Requirements: Comfortable clothing and shoes.  Drive to a neighborhood and walk door to door.

    Time: 10 am, Location: Hope Mills Ball Park (near Hope Mills Recreation Center), 5766 Rockfish Road, Hope Mills

    Blood Drive (up to 45 blood donors)

    Give the gift of life by donating blood to patients in need.  Requirements: Healthy individuals over the age of 16.

    Location: First Presbyterian Church, 102 Ann Street, Fayetteville

    Sign up for the blood drive at

    Hygiene Item Collection (Unlimited) 

    Collect hygiene items for disaster clients, military members and veterans in hospitals or medical centers.

    Return items to UWCC 222 Maiden Lane, Fayetteville prior to May 13th.  Hours are 8:30-5 Monday to Friday.

  • Better Health of Cumberland County

    Time: 8:30 am, Location: 1422 Bragg Boulevard, Fayetteville

    Yard Cleaning Project (2 volunteers needed) 

    Raking yard and trimming bushes. Requirements: Come in comfortable clothing and covered shoes for moving items and doing yard work. Gloves and trimming shears/ scissors, and rake.

     Medical Equipment Storage Shed (2 volunteers needed) 

    Assist with cleaning and re-organization of outdoor Medical Equipment Storage Shed.

  • Boy Scouts

    Scouting for Food Drive (4 volunteers needed) 

    Volunteers will walk neighborhoods to distribute door hangers regarding the “Scouting for Food” drive.  Requirements: Come in comfortable clothing and covered shoes for moving items and doing yard work.

    Time: 9 am, Location: Park at Fayetteville Academy to walk/distribute in Old Haymount

  • Connections of Cumberland County

    Time: 10 am, Location: 119 North Cool Springs Street, Fayetteville

    Hygiene Closet Organizing (6 volunteers needed) 

    Volunteers will spend time removing all items from our hygiene closet to clean the space, rearrange the space to accommodate item storage, and then reorganize the items accordingly. Requirements: Closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothing. Lifting heavier boxes and shelves will be involved.

    Children’s Room Organizing (4 volunteers needed) 

    Volunteers will spend time deep cleaning the children’s room (dust, vacuum, sanitize surfaces) and then will organize toys and books in appropriate play stations and shelves. Requirements: Closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothing. Lifting heavier boxes and shelves will be involved.

    Snack Drive + Snack Bag Packing  (6 volunteers needed) 

    Volunteers can host their own snack drive where they collect items via their local clubs, faith groups, schools, etc. Collected items must be individually wrapped items that will then be organized into small baggies (3 items to a bag) for storage in our Snack Closet. Common items include goldfish, juice boxes, water, cookies, crackers, granola bars, etc.  Return items to Connections of Cumberland County once collected.

  • C.R.E.S.T w/ Cumberland County CommuniCare

    Time 9 am, Location: 241 Tillinghast Street, Fayetteville

    Hygiene Item Sorting (5 volunteers needed) 

    Volunteers will assist or work along side individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities to stuff hygiene bags. Hygiene items will be provided by CommuniCare. Completed bags will be distributed by Cumberland CommuniCare. Requirements: Dress comfortably.

  • Cumberland County CommuniCare

    Time 10 am, Location 109 Bradford Avenue, Fayetteville

    Mindfulness Rooms Setup (6 volunteers needed)

    Volunteers will help place furniture, hang pictures and prepare the rooms for trauma clients.

    File Room Organization (4+ volunteers needed)

    Volunteers will assist in reorganization of the filing system.

  • Cumberland County Council on Older Adults

    Meals on Wheels (8 volunteers needed)

    Teams of two (2) volunteers to deliver meals to homebound older adults. One volunteer to drive the route and the other volunteer to deliver the meal to the door. Routes generally take about one hour to run. Volunteers will arrive at the senior center and help pack meal for delivery and then run their assigned route(s). Requirements: Must use own vehicle to deliver meals. Casual dress.

    Time 10:30 am, Location 739 Blue Street, Fayetteville

    Ramp Construction (10 volunteers needed)

    Teams of two (2) volunteers will construct a handicap ramp in accordance with local/state residential building codes. Requirements: Teams must have an experienced project leader and their own construction equipment. Work clothes.

    Time TBA, Location TBA

  • Fayetteville Urban Ministry

    Emergency Assistance (6 volunteers needed)

    Participants will be asked to process food/clothing/household donations, prepare food boxes for distribution, and assist with light cleaning and organization. Requirements: Closed-toe shoes; informal attire, such as jeans/t-shirts.

    Time 10 am to 4 pm, Location 701 Whitfield Street, Fayetteville

    Find-A-Friend Project (6 volunteers needed)

    Participants will be asked to pick-up any trash/debris on the facility grounds and wash the Youth Center vehicles. Requirements: Closed-toe shoes; informal attire such as jeans/t-shirts. Buckets, sponges and soap

    Time 10 am to 4 pm, Location 701 Whitfield Street, Fayetteville

    Nehemiah Project (8 volunteers needed) 

    Participants will be sent off-site of the FUM facilities to the home of one of our elderly client’s. Once there, they will be asked to pick-up any trash/debris in the yard and general yard clean-up. Requirements: Closed-toe shoes; informal attire such as jeans/t-shirts. Gloves, trash bags & a rake for the yard.

    Time TBA, Location TBA

  • Rape Crisis Center

    Time 9 am, Location Phoenix Center at 519 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville

    Painting Advocates Room (6 volunteers needed) 

    Volunteers will assist us in painting the advocates room. Requirements: Wear paint clothes

  • ServiceSource

    Time 9 am to 12 pm, Location 600 Ames Street

    Veggies for Vets (4-5 volunteers needed)

    Volunteers will assist in the garden to prepare the beds for Warrior Bridge clients.  Lunch will be provided.

    Requirements: Garden gloves, shovels, hand shovels

  • Vision Resource Center

    FULL Radio Reading Service (2 volunteers needed) 

    The radio reading club has been relaunched. Come audition to volunteer to read and provide direct service over the air. You are giving back with your voice. The VRC provides training, will give you the articles to read (you may have to help us cut out the articles) and we give snacks.

    Time 8:30 am, Location VRC Office at 2736 Cedar Creek Road, Fayetteville

    Shop & Lunch (5 volunteers needed)

    Volunteers will assist the visually impaired to shop, describing items and answering questions, and enjoy a lunch.

    Time 10 am, Cross Creek Mall Food Court

  • Volunteer Now!

    United Way Fayetteville volunteers

    Again head to the United Way website to sign up to volunteer. Click here for info.