What's your favorite line dance?

From The Charleston to the Hustle, Crank that Soulja Boy to the Dougie, trendy line dances are what makes a club or dance floor go to the next level. Now being me I seem to have the oddest super power or curse. Idk if I just seem like I know everything or not but every time I’m at a wedding or group get together a dj will play a line dance. The people all around will gather. Usually one person attempts to get it started or do it on their own. I have to be the supportive individual and go join in so the others will gather. Or I usually get called up to get the dances started and have to teach people to do it as we go along.

I’ve had this problem in many occurrences. Weddings, birthdays or Work Christmas parties. No matter where I am I must be prepared to lead the line dances. So I have to stay up to speed on all the newest dances. With the rise of tiktok dances it’s extra tough to stay in the know on all of them because the fly by so fast. Flash in the pan dances stick around for some weeks and then we are on to the next. So for the playlist I decided to focus on some old and some new dances that aren’t going anywhere.

With some of these I have done them. There is also one I asked a friend who regularly goes to the country bar to recommend. No matter the type of bar or club, no matter the genre there will be a go too line dance that all will break into when the time comes. I will be adding the song and find a how to window to execute the dance. The best thing about this is you can practice line dances at home so when the time comes you are prepared!

  • Cupid Shuffle - Cupid: The Cupid Shuffle

    You hear the words new cupid then you should run straight out. Cupid is a pretty talented singer (if you say he’s a rapper then he’ll say no). Go to the right. Go to the left. Kick and Walk it by yourself is the easiest possible way to dance. So already grade A.

  • Cha Cha Slide - Mr C The Slide Man: The Cha Cha Slide

    This is one that really became the line dance leader. Clap your hands. Take it back. Hopping. Going in reverse. Alot of moves but it’s a enough to hold everyones attention especially energetic kids.This one is not to complicated because if you just follow the words you can’t go wrong.

  • Wobble - V.I.C. : The Wobble

    Now this one can be a little more on the improvised side. I’ve seen people do this one in so many different ways that you necessarily can’t me wrong. And sometimes people do a crazy move where they face each other. So I will just say get the basics down and remix it how you feel.

  • Trouble - Travis Tritt: The Tush Push

    The Tush Push seems to be the base of most of the country line dances. The dance itself can be applied to just about every country song but Travis Tritt’s hit Trouble seems to be the quintessential. Get your cowboy boots and hat on and start moving.

  • Electric Boogie - Marcia Griffiths: The Electric Slide

    And now the classic. If there is a go too for weddings or family reunions. Internationally known and beloved by all. Easy to do but you should try to stay on rhythm. This is a stable that will be on every dance floor until the end of time.IT’S ELECTRIC BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE!

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