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Cali Swimmers Work Together To Save Man After Shark Attack

This past weekend, experienced ocean swimmer Cameron Whiting was bodysurfing at Del Mar Beach when a member of his swimming group screamed about a shark attack. According to the LA TIMES, the victim, a 46-year-old man, was badly bleeding from his injuries. Whiting and another swimmer, Kevin Barrett, quickly swam to help the man, despite fears of encountering the shark themselves. Barrett reached the victim first, followed closely by Whiting, who noticed the extent of the bleeding as they started to pull him toward the shore. A surfer offered his board to help get the injured man to shore. Whiting and Barrett, along with the woman who initially called for help, managed to get the man onto the board and paddle him to shore, where lifeguards and an emergency room doctor were ready to take over care. The victim sustained deep cuts from punching the shark and severe bites to his torso. He was stabilized and taken to a nearby hospital, where he is expected to recover. Del Mar Beach was closed for 48 hours following the incident, with officials urging calm and pointing out the rarity of shark attacks. Despite the ordeal, Whiting and his swimming group have no intention of stopping swimming in the ocean and already have plans to go out soon, but maybe to a different beach.