Forget boring metal horseshoes. It's time for your horse to go out in style, with Horse Kicks sneakers.

Just when you thought you’d figured out all the footwear needs of horses, along comes a company making horse sneakers.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Horseshoes do not sound new or exotic, we are all familiar with the iron objects of luck attached to the working horse’s hoof.

However, a new trend is emerging.  Kentucky-based tourism office VisitLEX has partnered with a local shoe artist Marcus Floyd to create a line of limited-edition horse sneakers called Horse Kicks.

The company prides themselves as the: “World’s first online custom sneaker retailer exclusively for horses.” Which, honestly, I’m thinking they have that market cornered.

The line includes hoof friendly versions of Air Jordans and Yeezys for about $1,200 per shoe. Doing the math, that’s almost $5,000 for all four shoes.

No more boring metal horse shoes for your equine. Nope.

“Horse Kicks is here to change that,” the company says on its website. “Based out of Lexington, Kentucky, the Horse Capital of the World, Horse Kicks was founded to offer horses of all breeds and disciples the drip they deserve.”

And are they real? Looks like the answer to that is a resounding YES!

“Horse Kicks are built on a pre-made protective boot designed for horses. While we view these pieces as works of art, Horse Kicks are 100% wearable.”