Several Pitt County North Carolina middle school students were hospitalized recently, after ingesting THC gummy candies at school.

Several Pitt County, North Carolina middle schoolers had a pretty bad day at school recently when it was discovered that they had apparently ingested THC infused gummy candies during the school day.

The Pitt County Sheriff posted a release saying “Several juvenile students at Hope Middle School were acting abnormally and exhibiting signs that were consistent with impairment.”

“During the resulting investigation, a package of THC gummies was seized, along with a quantity of marijuana. Students exhibiting symptoms were transported to the hospital for medical evaluation.”

According to WITN Greenville, one of the students had passed out in his gym class. Kesha Spruill, Jyquante Spruill’s grandmother, was made aware of the situation while at work.

“I got real upset, real jittery, just scared and nervous. And I made sure that my job was completed and I just left. And when I got back there with him, the way he was laid out of it…” Kesha Spruill told WITN. “If someone were offering me candy and I’m a child, all kids love candy. Being the age that they are and this is middle school, some kids are introduced to some things and some kids are not.”

The student was released from the hospital, and no charges were filed.

According to, there are multiple dangers to children and teens ingesting THC edible products, primarily because the dosing is concentrated and far higher than even an adult dose should be. That can lead to overdose symptoms quickly.

“Edible THC products take longer than smoked marijuana to have an effect. Smoking takes just seconds to minutes,” Dr. Kevin Osterhoudt, with says. “But a THC edible typically takes 30 to 60 minutes after being eaten and digested. The peak effect happens 3 to 4 hours after ingesting. Someone experimenting with THC edibles might not feel the effects as quickly as expected. They might ingest large amounts to try to “get high.” This leads to overdosing.”

“For teens, regular marijuana use can impair memory and concentration and may interfere with learning. It’s also associated with lower odds of completing high school or getting a college degree,” the site said. “Regular use of marijuana is also linked to psychological problems, poorer lung health and a higher chance of substance use disorder in adulthood. Even using marijuana one time can alter motor control, coordination and judgment. This can contribute to unintentional deaths and injuries.”

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