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Taylor Swift donated $15,500 over the weekend to a fan whose mom has been in a coma for over three years.

Nineteen-year-old Sadie took to Twitter to express her family’s struggles, saying, “My mom has been in a coma for three years now. She had an ulcer that bled out that led to lack of oxygen in the brain which resulted in brain damage. I’m sorry I never said anything sooner and that I’m suddenly asking for help.”

“We take care of her at home full time, my dad is unable to work because he has to always be with my mom,” Sadie added. “My older brother and I have to provide for our family, my family is in trouble.”

Once Taylor saw the note, she immediately donated to the family’s GoFundMe page. The total raised for the family is now over $25,000 and still growing.

See Sadie’s full letter below:

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