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Dua Lipa sat down with Billboard to talk about what it’s like as an international success.

Her single “New Rules” currently has the longest stay on the Pop Songs radio airplay chart ever, which Dua credits to allowing her to “go around the world at least three times, doing what I love and performing.”

“When you’re so far away from home, which is London for me, to hear your song just on the radio when you’re in the middle of Asia, it always takes you by surprise,” she told Billboard.

In September, she performed at the Grammy Museum, which brought up some talk on the possibility of being nominated for a 2019 Grammy Award. “It’s exciting to be a British artist and to get recognition all over the world and especially in America and to find myself here in the Grammy Museum, which is all a bit surreal,” she explained. “I would be honored to be nominated, but also to be part of the representation of women more so in the nominations and to be a part of the change and to see kinda maybe this year and years moving forward more females being given the opportunity to really shine through.”

She also talked about her second album. “I’ve been writing quite a bit, and I feel really good about it. It feels like a good step into new territory. It’s still pop, because that’s what I love and I find my home there, but it’s different sounds and has some like nostalgic feels and a bit experimental.”

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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