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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – Residents in flood-prone and low-lying areas should be finalizing their personal sheltering plans and emergency preparation.

Anyone who needs assistance with transportation to one of the shelters should call 910-678-7657 as soon as possible. Transportation coordination will end at 8 p.m. with the Fayetteville Area System of Transit (FAST). Approximately 53 residents have been transported by FAST.

As of 4:45 p.m. today, there are 378 people signed into the following seven Cumberland County emergency shelters:

  • Kiwanis Recreation Center, 352 Devers Street, Fayetteville
  • Mac Williams Middle School, 4644 Clinton Road, Fayetteville
  • Pine Forest High School, 525 Andrews Road, Fayetteville (Pet accommodations provided)
  • Seventy-First High School, 6764 Raeford Road, Fayetteville
  • Smith Recreation Center, 1520 Slater Ave., Fayetteville
  • South View High School, 4184 Elk Road, Hope Mills (Pet accommodations provided)
  • W. T. Brown Elementary School, 2522 Andrews Church Road, Spring Lake
Shelter Capacity Current Population

at 4:45 a.m.

Kiwanis Recreation Center 100 35
Mac Williams Middle School 105 61
Pine Forest High School 225 50
Seventy-First High School 295 46
Smith Recreation Center 100 40
South View High School 310 138
W. T. Brown Elementary School 90 8
TOTAL 1,225 378 

Cots and food are available at the shelters; however, residents are encouraged to bring their own bedding. Other recommended items to take to a shelter include

  • Food & Water –non-perishable food only
  • Medications –prescriptions, glasses and contacts and durable medical equipment.
  • Clothing- a complete change of clothes and footwear.
  • Hygiene Items –sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste and sanitary items.
  • Important Papers – This includes ID, proof of residency and insurance papers.
  • Cash – This is just in case your debit or credit card is not working.
  • Non-electronic Entertainment Items – puzzles, toys for children and reading material. There are limited amounts of outlets and there may not be options to charge electronic devices.
  • Miscellaneous – Battery-powered radio, First-Aid Kit, flashlight

Pet Accommodations
The shelters at Pine Forest High School and South View High School will have pet accommodations. As of this morning, there are 25 pets in the shelters, including one bird. Pet owners should bring pet food, medication, crates, collars, leashes and rabies vaccination records. Animal Control staff will be on-site, but owners will be expected to provide daily care for their animals during their stay at the shelter.

Shelter information is available on the County’s website at

Residents should only call 911 if they need immediate help from law enforcement, paramedics or the fire department. The county 911 telecommunications center has taken 138 informational calls since the EOC was activated yesterday.

Anyone who has non-emergency questions should call the Hurricane Florence Information Line at 910-678-7657. The call center has taken 317 calls since it went live yesterday at 10 a.m.