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One of the favorite Super Bowl Commercials from last night’s show is a new twist on a classic.

There are a couple points we can make on Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr.’s performance, but first, watch:


In celebration of Touchdown Dances, the NFL takes on ‘Dirty Dancing’  in the signature moves from Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Now, I want to TOUCH-DOWN on a few things. (See what I did there?)

  1. Predominately, men watch Football. They love football. It’s a manly, manly, *grunts and beats chest* type of thing. So to include two men holding hands and dancing for the sake of comedy really brought a smile to my face. There wasn’t all this stigma of looking like a couple and not wanting to do the commercial. They rocked it out and kicked butt doing so.
  2. Thank you, Odell for landing that perfect airplane dive. People have even tried pulling this off on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and couldn’t seem to do it properly. You nailed it.
  3. The coordination of everyone, even with Eli being a little stiff (loosen those hips, buddy) was perfect. Enough to make it go viral.

The commercial seems to be going viral now, even with people who don’t watch football, which is honestly pretty awesome.


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