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Shawn Mendes Promises Collaboration With Niall Horan

Shawn Mendes just confirmed there will be a collaboration with Niall Horan.

The bad thing? There's no clue when the song will be released.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shawn said, "It will be true one day. We're really good friends and we hang out all the time, and we are always like, 'We should write a song,' and then we're planning on writing a song -- and then we just end up hanging out!"

"It's better off that way because if there's a friendship, then the song comes easy," he added. "So, one day, I promise! I promise, guys."

Love you man, congratulations!

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It's this fellas birthday ! Happy birthday @shawnmendes .

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When I say I would pay A LOT of money to hear this collab, I'm not exaggerating. I'm a huge fan of both of these guys, so I can only imagine how great this song would be.

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